Cellar & basement conversions

Basement & Cellar Conversion


Traditionally, many homeowners seeking more living space in their properties have opted to, rather than move to larger properties, extend their existing properties outwards and upwards. However, the advancement and increased economic viability of waterproofing methods and technologies has led many homeowners to turn to basement and cellar conversions even for basements and cellars that are damp and dark!

You, too, can convert basements and cellars into bright and comfortable habitable living areas with the assistance of L Hathaway Carpentry & Building. We can also help you to achieve effective basement remodelling and cellar remodelling.

How can a Basement and Cellar Conversion increase your living space?

Traditionally, many basements have been waterproofed through the use of cement based renders in a technique commonly called ‘basement tanking’. However, this technique is decreasing in reliability as water table levels rise and lead to greater hydrostatic pressure on many properties.

A more modern and increasingly used method of basement waterproofing involves the application of a Polyethylene sheet material called Cavity Drain Membrane. This can, provided that the substrate is suitable and after little preparation, be directly applied to walls. It is also vapour proof, impervious to water and capable of providing further insulation value.

With the help of Basement Living, you can obtain a Cavity Drain Membrane and, before its installation, arrange for the installation of a drainage provision to ensure quick and efficient evacuation of any water ingress that remains behind the membrane. We can also help you to arrange for the application in front of the membrane of internal finishes of insulation and plasterboard or plaster and render products to provide a dry and well insulated living area. Such a membrane can last as long as the property in which it is installed, especially if there is ongoing routine maintenance of drainage channels and pumps.

What are the benefits of Basement & Cellar remodelling?

We also provide basement remodelling and cellar remodelling services. Such services can help you to really make the most of space freed up in a basement or cellar as you convert it.

Hiring a basement remodelling or cellar remodelling contractor can, for example, help you to identify issues with ceiling height and flooring. They could also point out effective ways in which you could boost the value of your property -

if, of course, you want to sell it -

through basement remodelling or cellar remodelling.

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